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If you were injured in any type of accident in New York State, call the Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein. As an experienced and aggressive New York Accident Lawyer since 1979, Michael W. Goldstein can analyze your case, answer your questions, and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Since our New York Personal Injury Law Firm was founded in 1985, we have been helping accident victims recover money damages for personal injuries.

When someone is injured in a traffic accident because of the negligence or reckless driving of someone else, the injured person faces an immediate and difficult struggle that can seriously disrupt his or her life. For those who have been seriously injured in an accident, life and its routine come to a screeching halt. Most people who are forced into this situation are unsure of how to proceed. The best initial step is to obtain the help and guidance of an experienced New York accidents lawyer  Most accidents leaves behind a trail of evidence, and this evidence is vital to successfully recovering compensation for the injuries sustained. We understand how to obtain and organize the evidence and present it to maximize your recovery for your injuries. As an experienced New York accident lawyer, Michael W. Goldstein has the expertise to locate and develop the evidence needed to prove your entitlement to money damages for the injuries sustained in a New York accident.

New York personal injury cases can be won or lost largely on the evidence available, and presenting it in a proper manner can make all the difference in the result. After an accident, there are several possibilities in obtaining a proper recovery. While theoretically, it could be possible to negotiate a settlement directly with the insurance company, that is unlikely. If a party is not insured, they might offer to compensate the accident victim directly without litigation. In our experience, both of these alternatives are impractical and likely to shortchange the accident victim. Finally, it is usually necessary to hire a New York accident lawyer to represent the accident victim, and often to file a New York personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes, the insurance company may want to negotiate a settlement with the NY accident lawyer early in the process. In our experience, that was a more likely scenario years ago.  More recently, it seems that insurance companies prefer to spend money defending a NY personal injury lawsuit, rather than paying “full value” early in the litigation process. As a New York accident law firm since 1985, we understand how to properly manage a claim, and litigate the case, in order to insure that our client receives the monetary compensation they deserve.

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